Shop Services

Shop Services

  • Rentals and Maintenance
  • Hydrotest Equipment
  • Pressure / Temperature Equipment
  • Turbine Meters - Gravimetric Meter Providing to 10"
  • Meter Provers, Switches, repair kits and accessories
  • Recorders / Gauges

Orfice Meters:
Barton, Canadian, Foxboro

Kimray, Fisher
Turbine Meters:
Turbine Inc., Halliburton, Camco, Hydil
Chemical Injectors:
Western, McCord, Texteam

Chart Drives:
Sonceboz, Baron, Singer, Bristol

Recorders and Indicators:
Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level

Pressure Gauges:
CPW, Marsh, US Gauge, Wika, Western Gauge

Pressure Switches:
Presco, Robinson, Murphy

Orifice Changers:
Daniels, Robinson, Camco

Treator Thermostats

Farris, DK-Lok, 

Torque Wrenches:

Oil, Water, and Gas Meters:
Dloco, Rockwell, Neptune, Brooks, Blancett, American, Roots, Singer

Dump Valves, Intermitters, Actuators & Positioners
Shop Welding and Fabrication of Panels, Enclosures, ETC.

Workmanship and materials are always guaranteed. Each unit thoroughly checked for worn parts
and after reconditioning is calibrated on approved testing equipment.

Oxygen Cleaning 1.jpg

Oxygen Cleaning

Keep your plant free from hydrocarbon contamination. Berja offers a wide variety of oxygen cleaning solutions.



Offering a full range of instrumentation inspections, repairs, and servicing to meet the manufacturers standards.



Verifying accuracy and repeatability to traceable standards.


Industrial Instrumentation

Industrial instrumentation technicians install, repair, maintain, replace, calibrate and program all process monitoring and/or control instruments including indicators and digital and chart recording devices.

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