Established in 1975, Berja is a privately owned Canadian company that has complete capability in a diversified range of industrial services. For industrial construction projects we are capable of providing combined Electrical/Instrumentation Tubing services in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pulp/Paper, Mining and Petroleum industries throughout Canada and globally.

BERJA has received certification by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association ( ABSA ) to ASME B31.1 / ASME B31.3
For having implemented an audited quality assurance system covering the following:

  • SS Tubing / Compression Fitting Installations (Instrumentation Tubing)
  • Copper and Brass Piping / Brazing
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges, Pressure / Temperature Records, Deadweight Testers
  • Calibration and Proving of Liquid Meters up to 8"
  • Cleaning of Components for Oxygen Service (O2 Cleaning)


Field Services

Supplying Field services to the Canadian and international Market since 1975, with a focus on instrument installation and maintenance, as well as commissioning.

Shop Services

As the industry leader with over 30 years experience offering shop services, Berja can help with all of your instrumentation and calibration needs.



Instrumentation Construction

Instrument and Tubing Installation

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