Rentals for a wide range of test instruments.

Instrumentation & Hydro Test Equipment Rentals 

  • Digital and standard chart recorders, pressure gauges, and temperature gauges
  • Turbine meters 
  • Hydro test flanges
  • PSV's / PRV's for rent and pressure relief reset
  • Hydro test manifold 
  • High-pressure hydro test trailers

Not 100% sure what equipment you need?

Our experienced technical sales team will work with you to find a solution that suits your needs and ensures that you get the job done right the first time. We also provide a 24hrs Rentals service.

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 Rentals by the Day, Week or Month*

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1" & 2" Flow Meter (Totalizer included) Gauges up to 10,000 PSI
3" & 4" Flow Meter (Totalizer included) Haskel Air Driven Pump - 5,000-15,000 PSI
6" Flow Meter (Totalizer included) Turbine with Totalizer 1"
8" Vic Flow (Totalizer included) Turbine with Totalizer 2"
Air Compressor Turbine with Totalizer 3", 4"
Generator5.0 kw (Gas Extra) Positive Displacement Meter
Gas Monitor Positive Displacement Meter 3"
Baker Pump 5,000 PSI Water Meters
Baker Pump 7,500 PSI Power Supply Dynasan 1601 D.C.
Digital Test Gauge up to 10,000 PSI  Druck UPS II
Dead Weight (Mechanical Type) Fluke 789
VAISALA Dew Point Tester (0 to -70 C) Fluke 87 V
Digital Recorder (nVision) Orifice Meters 2"
Merical Injection Hand Pump up to 3,000 PSI
Chart Recorder One Pen Press./Temp. Injection Hand Pump up to 6,000 PSI
Chart Recorder Two Pen Press./Temp.  Test Header / Test Tree 3,000 / 5,000 psi
Chart Recorder Two Pen Dri-Flo Test Header rated for 20,000 psi
Chart Recorder Three Pen Dri-Flo Rosemount Hart 275 Communicator
10 - 100ft Hydraulic Hoses rated 5,800 psi Laptop

Initial set-up charge of $40.00/unit will apply. Parts such as hoses, fittings, charts, ink, and keys will be supplied at no extra charge. Returned equipment will be inspected. 

NOTE: Please contact Franklin Ekpe at (780) 934-0056 or email [email protected] to discuss these rates. Long-term and volume discounts may be arranged prior to rental.

Choose from an expanding rental inventory of well-known manufacturers including:

  • Barton
  • Crystal
  • Fluke
  • Chandler
  • CPW
  • Wika
  • Megger and many more.
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